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Timing 10AM-7PM
Email info@dmitsoftware.in 24*7 Helpline! +91- 8527015930, 8527015940


DMIT Software in UAE | DMIT Franchise in UAE | DMIT UAE

Let us attempt to understand the market scenario and industry for DMIT Software in UAE by doing in-depth analysis for Strengths and Opportunities for DMIT Software in UAE or DMIT Franchise in UAE.
1. UAE has business friendly environment with high level of administrative support from authorities and ease of hiring. DMIT Software can be a very good business opportunity in UAE will provide people with right direction to figure and focus upon so as to reap maximum results for his or her efforts. A crucial fact worth mentioning is tolerant, stable and progressive society. Just imagine, if they get to understand their strengths, comfort zones, passion and core competencies through DMIT Software, you’ll easily expect overwhelming results.
2. UAE is a gateway to 1.5 billion Middle East and African markets. With growth of DMIT Software in UAE, people are going to be ready to identify their inborn strengths and hence core competencies.
3. Majority of Population of UAE is between 25 to 54 years. With 55 million vibrant children , UAE needs leadership skills to urge a lift and become subsequent tiger which remains sleeping with 90 million citizens in hand. we’d like to awaken these resources and make sure that they add the proper direction to utilize their maximum potential through DMIT Software.

Mid Brain Activation in India

Human brain consists of two parts – Right Brain and Left Brain. Midbrain Activation is a technique to establish balance between Left and Right brains through brain stimulation. Midbrain Activation can be best achieved between the age group of 5-15 years. The brain functions optimally if the Left and Right brains are in equilibrium. But this is a rare condition because most people develop and become mature while dominantly using their Left Brain. Midbrain Activation is although possible in individuals above 15 years, but the possibility of failure is higher for those who are already grown up or old.

DMIT | DMIT Software | DMIT Franchise |DMIT Test

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is based on Theory of Multiple Intelligence and Dermatoglyphics. Dermatoglyphics is a Science that combines neurobiology, genetics, brain science and embryology coupled with clinical studies. Derma = Skin, Glyph = Ridges on skin. Dermatoglyphics is a scientific study of brain potential and talent through fingerprints. The prints present on the tips of fingers are formed when child is in mother’s womb between 13th to 19th week of gestation. At the same time, lobes of human brain are developed. There are 5 lobes in our brain – Pre-Frontal, Frontal, Parietal, Temporal and Occipital. Each of these lobes and hence our brain is further divided in 2 parts – Left Brain and Right Brain. The 10 parts (lobes) of our brain are associated with prints present on our 10 fingers. Left brain or lobes are associated with right hand and vice-versa.