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Midbrain Activation

Human brain consists of two parts – Right Brain and Left Brain. Midbrain Activation is a technique to establish balance between Left and Right brains through brain stimulation. Midbrain Activation can be best achieved between the age group of 5-15 years. The brain functions optimally if the Left and Right brains are in equilibrium. But this is a rare condition because most people develop and become mature while dominantly using their Left Brain. Midbrain Activation is although possible in individuals above 15 years, but the possibility of failure is higher for those who are already grown up or old.

Midbrain Activation activates the intuition capability, which lies in the Right hemisphere of human brain, in a way that children would gain capability to read and do things with their eyes closed. With this intuition active, when the youngsters turn old, their right hemisphere would remain active and their brain will not be dominated by the left hemisphere, provided they seriously practice the exercises. So, midbrain activation is often the foremost spectacular method to activate the brain. Hence, if your child is in the age group 5-15 years, it’s better, not to postpone the process of midbrain activation because after 15 years, it’s very difficult to achieve this state. Intuition is extremely difficult to be activated when a person gets mature.

What makes a toddler have blindfold ability after midbrain activation is the intuition. Intuition is human capability to get perception regarding all matters instantly/real timely or the capability to think without thinking.

The methods used in Midbrain Activation are:

1. Brain Gym

2. Motivation

3. Visual Technology

4. Various Games

5. Music

By knowing the five methods above, all unfair accusations, saying that the midbrain activation method is not scientific shall be denied. Besides, the above method is not a new one, rather, it’s the method we have known far before. Only that many of us never realize that if the collaboration of the five methods above is implemented upon the children of 5-15 years old, the result will be very fantastic, because the children may have capability beyond normal sense, in that people would say it as the power of paranormal. As a matter of fact, we don’t need any ritual ceremony in terms of mysticism/fasting/mantras reciting in order to establish this extraordinary capability. First time in history, it’s proven that the application of technology is capable for establishing a super capability, i.e, through Midbrain Activation. Who knows, there may still be many awesome capabilities of human brain existing but not discovered yet.

In the past time, people say that it was nonsense if an iron rod could fly. Nowadays, we even fly with an airplane which is extraordinary heavy, but able to fly. So, something what was nonsense in the past, can make sense now. Similarly, it happens with midbrain activation: a few years ago, we thought it was impossible for a man to see with his eyes closed. But now it’s common for us to see such capability. Thus, that is life in the ever-dynamic world and quickly develops, and if we are not open minded with new things (whatever it is), then it’s difficult for us to step forward. Until recently and on, many inventions will still be developed in order to uncover in more details regarding the secret of human brain’s awesomeness. We are sure that midbrain activation is just a “drop” of knowledge from HIM, to let human brain’s capability be more sophisticated. There’s still possibility that sometime in the future more sophisticated inventions will take place.

Brain Activation for Adults:Midbrain Activation is not only effective for children of 5-15 years age, but based on experience, it’s also effective for use by adults, only that its possibility of failure is quite high, because it’s very difficult for an adult to be relax or to reduce his brain wave to the stage of alpha-theta. Usually, only those with talents or often conduct meditation will be able to have their blindfold capability activated.

Benefits of Mid Brain Activation:

During the midbrain activation, a child learns how to enter the condition of meditative state in order to be able to see with eyes closed. If I say that the child becomes ‘genius’ through midbrain activation, it doesn’t mean someone with IQ above 130, rather, it’s the condition in which our brain functions optimally. In this state, all human senses will perform to their best including the capability of intuition, so that a child is able to do activities with his/her eyes closed. Do you know that, if your brain is able to be trained to enter this condition through midbrain activation, you will even be able to do speed reading (quickly reading a closed book, flip reading).We may achieve the capability of blindfold, speed reading, fast memorization, better concentration through midbrain activation.

Midbrain Activation Software or Midbrain Activation Franchise:

In case you are planning to start business in the field of Midbrain Activation, it is always recommended to purchase lifetime midbrain activation software. The important points to be considered while purchasing midbrain activation software are:

  1. You should buy midbrain activation software from a company which has retail experience of conducting midbrain activation workshops. This is important because just by purchasing midbrain activation software, you will not be able to understand the technique properly and activate the kids at your center.
  2. You must take midbrain activation training at your own center. It is advisable to gather some kids and invite the trainer at your location. Remember that midbrain activation software is nothing without proper training.
  3. The music plays a vital role in midbrain activation software. Be sure that you purchase the midbrain activation franchise / software with proper music.
  4. Adult Midbrain Activation is also a part of Midbrain Activation Software.
  5. It’s always advisable to buy lifetime midbrain activation software or franchise.

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