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DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is based on Theory of Multiple Intelligence and Dermatoglyphics. Dermatoglyphics is a Science that combines neurobiology, genetics, brain science and embryology coupled with clinical studies. Derma = Skin, Glyph = Ridges on skin. Dermatoglyphics is a scientific study of brain potential and talent through fingerprints. The prints present on the tips of fingers are formed when child is in mother’s womb between 13th to 19th week of gestation. At the same time, lobes of human brain are developed. There are 5 lobes in our brain – Pre-Frontal, Frontal, Parietal, Temporal and Occipital. Each of these lobes and hence our brain is further divided in 2 parts – Left Brain and Right Brain. The 10 parts (lobes) of our brain are associated with prints present on our 10 fingers. Left brain or lobes are associated with right hand and vice-versa.

The idea of studying dermatoglyphics used to conduct DMIT test or in development of DMIT Software is to decode the potential or intelligence of different lobes of brain. DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) has got nothing to do with Palmistry or future prediction. DMIT report generated through DMIT Software can only determine your intrinsic or innate potential ie. What your brain is or where lies your strength.

The system of Dermatoglyphics (DMIT Software) has been developed based on research of psychological patterns and profiles of lakhs of individuals across various Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Japan. This research in Dermatoglyphics, usedfor DMIT Software started way back in 1985. The database generated was used to study the human potential and its correlation with fingerprint patterns. Hence the process of determining the innate potential through DMIT Software based on fingerprints is research based and the findings have been computerized in the form of a software. But these findings or outcomes of research in form of DMIT test report generated through DMIT Software match to such an extent that correct analysis of the fingerprints combined with properly developed algorithm of DMIT software can yield more than 95% accurate results of DMIT Test.

The history of dermatoglyphics goes way back to 1926, when Dr. Harold Cummins coined the word ‘Dermatoglyphics’-the scientific study of fingerprint patterns on palms, fingers, soles and toes. Dr. Cummins was recognized as the “Father of Dermatoglyphics” in the world. His findings from lifetime study and the techniques developed by him(Cummins Methodology) are used as tools to trace genetic and evolutionary relationships. It can also be used in diagnosis of mental retardation, schizophrenia, etc.

Subsequently in 1950,Professor Penfield,a neurosurgeon from Canada, published a paper – “Cross- sectional diagram of brain in relation with various parts of body” which indicates close relationship between fingerprints and brain lobes.

USSR used Dermatoglyphics as one of the criteria to select candidates for Olympics during 1970’s. USSR won 50 gold medals in 1972 and 125 in 1976.

DMIT Testcan help us understand the innate characteristics and effective communication mode of an individual. DMIT reveals the most appropriate learning habits from young age and effectively improvesthe learning ability. DMIT can also help the parents and teachers to understand the level of multiple intelligence development and discover the potential of every child. This makes it easy to enhance the strengths and work on the weakness during learning process in order to achieve all-round development.

The aim of DMIT assessment done through DMIT Software is to understand and respect differences betweenevery individual and provide education and/or training accordingly. DMIT helps in identifying the comfort zones of every individual so that they can focus on their core competencies and their gifts of life do not go in vain.

Further, the theory of multiple intelligences by professor Howard Gardner states that multiple intelligences exist in the human brain and any task we do, it involves combination of multiple intelligences.                                                                  

Dr. Howard Gardneris Professor of Cognition and Education at Howard Graduate School of Education andis Senior Director of Harvard Project Zero. He is a renowned scientist, psychologist & educationist.Gardner is best known in education for his “Theory of Multiple intelligence” proposed in 1983, which has been widely accepted all over the world. Many schools across the world are running on their education pattern based on‘Theory of Multiple Intelligence’ by Howard Gardner.

DMIT Test or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test combines the theory of Dermatoglyphics and Theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner. As per Dr. Howard Gardner, there are primarily 8 Multiple Intelligences. These are:

  1. Intrapersonal Intelligence
  2. Interpersonal Intelligence
  3. Logical Intelligence
  4. Visual Intelligence
  5. Kinesthetic Intelligence
  6. Linguistic Intelligence
  7. Musical Intelligence
  8. Naturalistic Intelligence

Most of the DMIT test reports are generated from DMIT Software based on the above 8 Multiple Intelligences. However, of late, the 9th Multiple Intelligence – Existential Intelligence is also revealed through certain Advanced DMIT Software available with top niche companies who are in the field of Dermatoglyphics research.

DMIT Test report is different for different individuals because scientifically no two persons can have the same fingerprints and the fingerprints once developed remain unchanged throughout the life. When we talk about analysis of fingerprint patterns captured for DMIT Test and fed into DMIT Software, there is human intervention involved to identify the pattern types and ridge counts. DMIT fingerprint analysis for feeding as input to DMIT Software has to be done manually through human intervention and expertise of the person doing it is very important. There are 10 raised to the power 10 combinations possible and even Artificial Intelligence attempts to identify the fingerprint patterns correctly have not been successful. Adding to this there are infinite combinations of Ridge count, which is also fed for every finger into the DMIT Software.

In case you wish to undergo DMIT Test for someone in your family, it is always recommended to consult the experts. The reliability of the DMIT Software being used, expertise of the fingerprint analyst and experience of the DMIT counsellor are some of the vital factors to be considered. It is recommended not to ignore them in case you are offered DMIT test for lesser price, after all the recommendations of DMIT Test which is an outcome from an authentic DMIT Software will be used by you for taking important decisions in your life.

When it comes to purchasing a DMIT Software or DMIT Franchise, there are so many players in market who are doing at individual or at the most as partnership firms. Everyone claims that they have best DMIT Software in the world.

Some of the myths about DMIT Software are:

  1. Certification: You will find DMIT software selling companies who claim that they are certified from some bodies in Malaysia, UK, US or may be any other country. Let me clarify here that there is no single body in the world, who has certified the use of DMIT Test or DMIT Software. People have created these bodies themselves and are trying to cash it as a part of Marketing Strategy to sell DMIT Software.
  • Patent: Some companies claim that they have patent DMIT Software. My humble request to such companies selling DMIT Software is that in case you are not aware of the basic meaning of the word ‘patent’, please search for the same on Google. Otherwise, who is stopping you to go ahead and ban hundreds of companies who are in DMIT business as well as DMIT Software business across the world and are even established before you came into picture?
  • Package of Multiple Products: You will find people selling 45 products, 80 products at a throwaway price. As an informed customer, you simply ask these companies who are selling DMIT Software, Midbrain Activation Software etc. that whether they will provide training for these 80 products or for that matter even 5 products? Their simple answer is no, we provide training only for DMIT Software and Midbrain Activation Software. To your surprise, you will find that DMIT Software is a single product and they have made 10 products for the same. Similar is the case with Midbrain Activation Software. Most of the products which are being given as a bundle deal with DMIT Software are already available for free on internet.

The important thing to understand about DMIT Software is that DMIT Software or DMIT Franchise is not a Product, it’s a Service. And when we talk about service, it is very important that what is the educational qualification and experience of the person who is offering the service to you. There is no apple to apple comparison as in the case of a particular model of mobile phone which is usually available at a lesser price online.

Some of the important parameters to be considered while purchasing DMIT Software are:

  1. Accuracy of the software – The algorithm for DMIT Software calculations displayed in DMIT test report is very important. This is where experience of running a DMIT companycomes in picture. Many organizations with retail (B2C) experience are unable to modify DMIT software since they don’t have access to algorithm and are not software engineers that they will understand and modify the algorithm.
  2. Report& DMIT Software Customization – By DMIT report customization, I mean to say not only front-end design or color changes but modifications in algorithm of DMIT Software based on B2C experience of handling clients of various age group and requirements. Be aware of DMIT Software selling companies or individuals, who are just copy pasting and selling the DMIT software by changing its logo and address.
  3. Fingerprint Analysis– Let me mention an important fact that generating a DMIT report from DMIT Software involves human intervention and is not just DMIT software based. To analyze the fingerprints, experience of the fingerprint analyst is important. This also reflects in accuracy and once you do the counselling of the client. Just as for Medical testyou don’t visit any lab which is offering lesser price, reliability is important in case of DMIT Software or DMIT Franchise as well.
  4. Counselling Experience– This is icing on the cake. Reputation, education qualification, and experience of medical practitioner / Doctor is important for medical examination and recommendation. Same is true when you take DMIT Training after purchasing DMIT Software. Remember that you can’t learn to swim by reading a book.Never ever rely on an organization or individual with no retail experience of counselling to teach you counselling for DMIT test.You will not be able to run DMIT business just by purchasing a DMIT software. DMIT companies fail to run this business just due to inaccurate knowledge. If your end client is not happy with results of your DMIT test and DMIT Counselling, you will never get encouraged to run this DMIT business and will eventually get out of it.

To conclude, I’d say that in case you wish to purchase DMIT Software or DMIT Franchise, purchase it from anyone at any cost but if you really wish to run DMIT business, purchase DMIT Software from an organization which is running a B2C (Business to Consumer) company.

A typical snapshot for DMIT Software deliverables by dmitsoftware.in with B2C experience is given below:

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