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Our Products and Services

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)


Get DMIT Franchise and Software in your own brand. We guarantee 100% accurate results for the DMIT Assessments through our software. We offer Mobile App based fingerprint scanning system and remote scanning of fingerprints without use of scanner. Get Advanced, Arch based, 9 MI based, Customized DMIT Software and stand out of the crowd with your USPs.
DMIT Training


We have collective team experience of handling more than 1 Lac retail DMIT cases. Get Advanced training on DMIT concept and counselling through our certified trainers and Psychologists with experience. Take counselling training for Career Counselling, Behavior Counselling, Corporate Counselling and Relationship Counselling.


We have been organizing Midbrain Activation workshops in various schools at our various centres across India. With guaranteed results for kids and adults, we offer best in class training and Midbrain activation software package. Get time-based Franchise management system to generate keys for your franchise network and conduct online Midbrain Activation workshops for your clients.


Memory improvement is the act of enhancing one's memory. Memory deficits, age-related memory loss, and people's want to improve their own memory have led to research on how to best help people to improve their memory. Research has also worked to determine what factors influence memory and cognition.
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Who We Are & Why We Are Different

We at dmitsoftware.in believe in the fact that merely purchasing Midbrain / DMIT Franchise or Midbrain / DMIT Software is not sufficient for you to run the business. An experienced mentor or guide can definitely help you grow leaps and bounds. Our team has been catering to retail clients since 2008, with collective team experience of more than 1 Lac DMIT reports and counselling across various target segments including Career Counselling, Behaviour Counselling, Corporate Counselling and Relationship Counselling. Added to this, just imagine if you get plug and play model to run your business with everything ready in your own brand – SEO Friendly Website, Brochure, Social Media Creatives & Pages and a lot more. The icing on the cake is that our team comes from top notch institutes of the country and have intent, vision and ability to help you establish your business through our excellent After Sales Support.

DMIT After Sales Service by dmit software

In the world, where everyone claims to be the best, it is really tough to believe in someone and decide who is the best. Besides the fact that we have been successfully running DMIT business in retail (B2C) till date, our highly educated management team which includes Psychologists, Software Engineers and Marketing Professionals, our existing satisfied clients who have achieved success in DMIT business with our support and our Reviews on Google, Social Media and Quora are evidence to the fact that we are always available to support our existing clients and have the necessary technical expertise to make them stand out of crowd.

DMIT Options

Be it Mobile App based Software, Touchless Fingerprint Scanning, Arch DMIT Software, Customized DMIT Reports, 9 MI / 30 Fingerprint Pattern Type / 16 Indicator based DMIT Software, Multiple Report Formats and Languages including Career Counselling Software, Corporate Counselling Software, Relationship/Compatibility Software, Time based Franchise Management System for Midbrain Activation Music, Adult Midbrain Activation, Digital Marketing support including SEO/SMO, Website Development, Animated Videos and Social Media banners and Creatives in your brand, we have been pioneers in providing support to our clients.

Over the years, we have burnt our hands to gain experience on how this business can be a success. We share our experience so that you can learn from our mistakes. Today also, our team is rated as Best DMIT based career counsellor in India and we are running Midbrain Activation workshops at our various centers in India as well as online workshops for overseas clients. We provide step by step handholding DMIT Training to run this business and also associate with you as a business partner in your city to execute business on our behalf in your area. Hence, we create a win-win situation and partner mutually with you for life. 

Certified DMIT

Mindgroom is a registered Brandmark, ISO certified and trusted by millions across the Globe. There are thousands of clients who have given us excellent rating on Google, Quora & Social Media. 

DMIT Across World

We have physical offices at 100+ locations across the country and a wide network in many countries. Our associates across these cities offer the best-in-class services and are supported by our research and training team.

We provide most accurate and reliable solutions to our clients. The assessments used to identify the potential and interests of individual are accurate to the tune of 95%. The best part is our team delivers what we commit and that also on time.


DMIT Software stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Software and is used to determine Inborn intelligence of an individual through fingerprints. DMIT Software is an application software used to generate DMIT Reports. DMIT Software has been developed on algorithm which is based on research conducted on lakhs of individuals across the globe.

DMIT Software is an application or tool, which is used to generate DMIT reports. DMIT Software is a research-based tool which has been developed over the years by analysing pattern types present on tips of the fingers of palm.

The accuracy of DMIT Software is the most important factor, which can drive your business. In addition, you may also choose to customize you DMIT Software on various parameters including front-end design, functionality, parameters and also based on various target segments you are catering including Career Counselling, Behaviour Counselling, Corporate Counselling  Relationship Counselling.


    Career Counselling DMIT Software

    The main application of DMIT tool is for the purpose of Career Counselling. We have experienced that clients feel more connected with their DMIT report when they see the relevant stuff, which helps them arrive at a conclusion. Our Career Counselling DMIT report displays the related parameters including all possible career options which are prevalent.

    Corporate Counselling DMIT Software

    We have tied up with various corporates where hiring is being done at senior management level based on results of their DMIT Assessment and counselling by our experts. Whether its is about finding the right candidate for a particular role or assigning the right task to existing employees, Corporate Counselling DMIT Software can be an excellent tool.

    Relationship DMIT Software

    We also provide Compatibility Version of DMIT Software which can be used as a tool for relationship counselling. In this report, the format is such that a single report and hence every single page in that report displays the parameters about two different individuals. It has proven to be quite useful for the couples to understand each other.

    Arch Based DMIT Software

    There are certain pattern types on our fingers in which there are no delta points and hence can’t be quantified with certainty. These pattern types are known as Arch patterns. We have come up with a solution where in our DMIT Software generates report even for Arch patterns and that too with above 95% accuracy.

    Individual DMIT Software

    If you wish to cater to people looking for Individual counselling or behaviour counselling, this version of our DMIT Software is quite useful. It focuses on individual roadblocks and growth areas and provides a comprehensive lifetime report including various parameters like Personality, SWOT, RIASEC etc. Even you can get it customized.

    Advanced DMIT Software

    Advanced DMIT Software comes with 30 Fingerprint pattern types. The accuracy of the Advanced DMIT Software is more than 95% and due to its varied fingerprint patterns, user is able to get highly reliable and accurate result of DMIT Software. You also get an option of 9 MI and 16 Indicator Types of DMIT reports and its various segements.


    DMIT by Phone

    Customize DMIT Report

    Get Customized DMIT report in your own brand, colour scheme, functionality, parameters and lot more. We can design both front-end and back end of your report format. Front-End customization includes design, UI modification, Colour changes, Image changes and Brand management. In addition, since we have a team pf Psychologists, researchers and Software developers, we use our experience of handling clients in retail to introduce new functionalities in your DMIT report as per your requirement.

    DMIT by Phone

    Get DMIT Algo Customized

    Customization of DMIT algorithm is another possibility, which you can’t ignore. Once you are into this business, you realize that the output values you get in form of a DMIT report are not fixed. You can customize the results as per demographic profile in your area, your experience and your take on the results of assessment. In addition, once you introduce new functionalities and theories, you need can make changes not only in front-end, but in back-end algorithm

    DMIT by Phone

    Purchase DMIT Algorithm 

    Are you a Researcher in the field of Dermatoglyphics? You can purchase DMIT Algorithm from us and know the backend calculations and algorithm how each value is arrived at in DMIT report. This can be used further to modify the calculations as per your research and you can strive to achieve more and more accuracy as per your experience. Get complete insights into DMIT Software and report through this product.

    DMIT by Phone

    DMIT Counselling Services

    Running the business of DMIT requires not only report generation but the important part is counselling. DMIT Counselling is an art and not as easy to learn as it appears to be. We train you as a counsellor for behaviour counselling, career counselling, individual counselling and relationship counselling through DMIT as a tool.

    DMIT by Phone

    DMIT Presentation Services

    Are you looking forward to market the DMIT product in various Institutes, Corporates, Parents and Schools? You need not work on preparing the presentation for various segments starting from scratch. We give you power point presentations, animated videos, social media creatives etc. in your own brand such that everything is available to you in plug and play model. Our team also provides support to present on your behalf on revenue-sharing basis.

    DMIT by Phone

    DMIT Report Generation 

    We have a dedicated team of certified fingerprint analysts who work in our inhouse DMIT Lab to generate thousands of DMIT reports every month. So, in case you get bulk order from Schools or Educational Institutes, you can simply relax by outsourcing the report generation part to our team. The best part is that we take full onus and responsibility for accuracy of the report.


    Midbrain Activation is a technique to stimulate the midbrain and unleash the hidden potential of an individual. It is a tool which helps in increasing the concentration power of an individual by helping in use of both Left Brain and Right Brain simultaneously with the help of Brain Gym exercises so that an individual is able to do different activities with different hands and that too simultaneously. The power of Midbrain Activation is so high that it results in Blind-fold reading in kids as well as in adults.

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    What Clients Say?

    • Before DMIT I was confused about my nature, about my capabilities. Now I get cleared about my behaviour, and after counselling I started putting my all efforts in the positive way in every field of life, that include personal and professional. Now I know I’m capable of doing anything. It helped me knowing my hidden abilities

      Harsimrat Kaur Rupanjal
      Assistant Manager, SBI
    • After taking a consultancy session from Ms. Minni Singh ,two weeks ago for my son, I was astounishigly relaxed.The counselling after DMIT test had answers to all my queries. I feel relaxed and confident on my son’s career. I find him improving a lot. You can heal anything.

      Mrs. Harvinder Kaur
      Principal Diet (PB)
    • It helped me a lot in knowing my inbound talents and gave me a direction to work on the neglected parts of my life.

      Kamal Soni
      Fashion Stylist – Tommy Hilfiger