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Timing 10AM-7PM
Email info@dmitsoftware.in 24*7 Helpline! +91- 8527015930, 8527015940

Why dmitsoftware.in provides best DMIT & Midbrain Activation Franchise at best price

Dmitsoftware.in offers a wide range of products including DMIT Software and Midbrain Activation Software. What makes us #1 is our retail experience, support and after-sale service. We have touched the lives of through our collective team experience of handling more than 1 Lac DMITs in retail. In addition, we have conducted 1000s of Midbrain Activation workshops for various age groups across the country and even online Midbrain Activation workshops, throughout the globe.

The best part is – we provide end to end support with our plug and play model for business. This includes not only technical or counselling support, but also marketing support. We help you generate sales though our own experience. Hence, once you purchase the software from us, you need not sit and think, what should be your next step. You become our channel partner in your area and we work together as a team to grow business.

We customize the design of your DMIT Software and also customize DMIT Algorithm as per your requirement. There are many companies which offer specific types of DMIT Software or standard report formats. We tailor make the reports and you decide the report format including colour, images, number of pages, parameters and even the algorithm/calculations. We guide you with the pros and cons of choosing various options based on our experience.

For DMIT Software, we offer various formats including:

  1. We provide Demo or Basic Software
  2. In addition, we also provide Advanced Software
  3. Further, you also get Architect Software
  4. We also provide Career Counselling Software
  5. Furthermore, you get Compatibility Software for Couple Counselling
  6. Besides this, we also give HR Software for Corporate Counselling
  7. And most important, we can offer reports in any language of your choice.

Mobile App Based Software

We offer scanning of fingerprints through Android based Mobile App. This app removes the hassle of scanning the fingerprints through a laptop. There is no need to login, store the fingerprints, zip and send it through email for report generation. In mobile app-based system, all this is done automatically. Moreover, the fingerprints get encrypted and are safe due to password access. This will help you deal with many clients, who are concerned about security of their fingerprints. You also get a franchise management system. With this, you can distribute this app to your franchisee and can control the number of credits. In addition, you may change credits or even block the user at any time.

Touchless Fingerprint Scanning Technology

We offer touchless fingerprint scanning technology in tie-up with a UK based firm. With this, you can capture and process the fingerprints using a mobile camera and our image processing technoogy. The output is just like the fingerprint image captured through a scanning device. This is quite helpful to run business across the globe, especially during the pandemic time like Covid.

MidBrain Activation Software & Music

We offer time-based as well as open source Midbrain Activation System. And it covers, basic, advanced, Adult Midbrain Activation, Speed Reading, Quantum Speed Reading, Brain Gym, Eye Gym etc. In addition, we give you an option to choose or purchase Open Source Midbrain Activation Music or Franchise management system for Midbrain Activation. So, this allows time based or usage-based access to Midbrain Activation Music.
Hence, the best part is that we conduct Midbrain Activation workshop for B2C Clients. Our team guides you to drive results. In addition, we also offer Midbrain Activation workshop at your location for your batch of kids.

Why Us?

  • We have Retail (B2C) Experience of 1 Lac DMITs and 1000 Midbrain Workshops
  • Moreover, the accuracy of our Software is more than 95%.
  • Also, we provide Counselling Support and Experience with Handholding and Role Plays
  • In addition, you can expect Sales and Marketing Support – Digital Marketing including Animated Videos/Creatives
  • Further, we provide most innovative Technology – Mobile App and Touchless Fingerprint Scanning, Customized DMIT Report format and Algorithm.