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Timing 10AM-7PM
Email info@dmitsoftware.in 24*7 Helpline! +91- 8527015930, 8527015940

Dmit Franchise

DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad is a business opportunity to become a partner as DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad with minimum investment. Hence, you can start your own venture as DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad. DMIT is an excellent tool to understand an individual and guide them accordingly. It can help you cater to various target segments. This includes students for career counselling in Hyderabad and academic counselling. It also includes individuals for behaviour counselling in Hyderabad and personal counselling in Hyderabad. Furthermore, it also includes employees for corporate counselling and couples for relationship counselling. You can start this business as a part-time or full-time opportunity and that too working from home.

Dmit Franchise in Hyderabad

DMIT Software Franchise

DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad has gained ground and there is a lot of demand for DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad today with lot of companies offering DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad. The market for DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad was in nascent stage till 2010 and has been in expansion stage in the World since then. Today also, there is lot of scope for penetration as people are still not aware of it in our vicinity. Moreover, the acceptance towards counselling is increasing in the minds of Indians. This is leading to further increase in demand for DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad. Over past 10 years, as the word is spreading amongst people, the demand and acceptability is ever increasing. Moreover, the reliability of DMIT test in Hyderabad is much more than other assessments available in market today. This leads to an added advantage and motivation to run DMIT Franchise business in Hyderabad.

What is DMIT Test?

DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It is an inborn intelligence test based on Science of Dermatoglyphics and Theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner. The science behind DMIT assessment is that there are 5 Lobes in human brain – Pre-Frontal, Frontal, Parietal, Temporal and Occipital. These lobes consist of 2 parts each, based on Left Brain and Right Brain. So, in total, there are 10 parts in human brain with pre-defined functions and there are 10 fingers. Each finger represents left or right part of a particular lobe of brain and hence a particular function. With help of DMIT test, we map that functionality with behaviour, personality, career etc. to reveal the strengths and limitations of an individual and hence counsellor can guide them accordingly.

Dmitsoftware.in provides best DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad and that too at lowest cost and best value for money offer

• We offer customized DMIT Software in Hyderabad and you can get a unique design in your own brand. We offer customization in both front-end and back-end including introduction of new pages/functionality in the system as per your requirement.
• We also provide algorithm of DMIT Software in Hyderabad in case you wish to do research and development of the system from scratch.
• We offer remote fingerprint scanning app which is useful in capturing fingerprints of clients at a distance. The fingerprints captured through this app are in processed form such that they appear quite similar to fingerprints captured from mobile app.
• We also offer Mobile App to capture fingerprints without using a laptop. We can attach the scanning device to mobile phone through OTG connector. The fingerprint access is through password and we can use franchise management system.

Why Choose this franchise opportunity?

What you typically look for in a business opportunity is best Return on Investment (ROI), Breakeven time, Client Satisfaction, Flexibility and Ease of doing business, Minimum Investment and Low Risk on Investment.

DMIT Franchise in Hyderabad is an excellent business opportunity in which you can expect everything mentioned above. The best part is after sales support you can expect from our team to ensure that you are successful in running this business.

Benefits of our franchise

You will get many benefits by joining us as a franchise partner. These include:

• Best in class Technology: We at dmitsoftware.in are pioneers in introducing new technology. Be it fingerprint scanning or output in form of a report. We launched Mobile App based fingerprint scanning way back in 2017.
• Team Knowledge: We have an experienced team with background in IT, Psychology and Marketing. We can help you out in every aspect and run this business. We have retail experience in dealing with clients and parents. This plays a vital role in guiding you to set up, operate and grow this business.
• After Sales Support: Our team has enough experience to handle any query from your end or from parents/clients. We are always willing to extend the support. The best part is our team is willing to partner with you to run this business. We together create a win-win situation.
• Digital Marketing Support: We have an in-house team of digital marketing to guide you and share our experience with this product. We know where to invest to maximize the returns. And we share this information with you so as to run your business.
• Tie-Up: We give you an option to work under a brand, which is established since years. Hence, it becomes easier for you to market the product. In addition, you get a complete support from our team for the deliverables part.

DMIT Software Franchise
DMIT Software Franchise
DMIT Software Franchise